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Crochet Dog Bed Made From Stash Yarn And Leftovers

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A great idea for leftover yarn is to crochet a dog bed. All you need is two circles, big enough for your dog, sew them together and then stuff them with stuffing, or an old pillow, or old clothing you were thinking of donating.

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If you don’t know how to crochet a flat circle, this lady will teach you.

And then you just make your bed whatever size you want. Count your rows and make a second circle the same size.

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They don’t have to match, in fact, it’s fun if they don’t, then you can flip it over depending on the colors or look you want. Maybe one side fall colors and the other side spring colors.

C.J. Arabia (@cjarabia) • Instagram photos and videos

C.J.’s Travel Masks


A great project for stash yarn is to make these comfy cozy travel face masks for friends and family. Perfect for a winter storm or a viral outbreak.


They are also funny yet useful, only take about an hour or so to complete, and a great project for all that nervous energy I get when I turn on the news for a few minutes.


You might enjoy making some for yourself. I am just improvising and my design is changing. I’ll post more pics when I get more made.







Raspberry Mermaid Pancho


I don’t use patterns.

For this I took some old stash yarns and just cast on a bunch of stitches. Then I knitted till I got bored and put some stitches along the top to close it off and make it into a Pancho.



Finished the Pancho while visiting my boyfriend who is in New York for work and took these pics at his sweet lower west side crash pad.

Simple Shawl





I didn’t do any lace or fancy stitches, just knitting side a, purling side b till I ran out of yarn. It’s pretty.

Vivian’s Knitted Cape


Took some old scrap yarn that I got at The Knitty City in New York a few years ago. Made a fairy cape for my little friend Vivian.


Puppy Riot


Made these awesome Puppy Riot Halloween costumes for my dogs. Tacos is in the red mask, Molly in black and Betsy in green.

Long live Pussy Riot – Down with Putin!

Knitting In Japan


I’ve been in Japan for the past two weeks and if you want to read about it you can go to my travel blog but I wanted to show you some wonderfully beautiful yarn I picked up in a little knitting store in Nara, Japan. I made these pretty little mits.

I knitted them all day long at the Grand Sumo Tournament here in Japan. It was opening day and I can’t imagine a better way to spend your last day in Japan than knitting with yarn you purchased here in Japan and watching Sumo.


Craig Wedren’s Hooded Cape


Made this beautiful cape for my friend Craig Wedren in July 2010 and it looks amazing on him. He recently wore it to Sundance and I heard it got a lot of compliments. Nothing makes me happier than someone I love wearing something I knitted.



Hasidic Jewish Clock Work Orange Ski Mask


I have no idea why I made this Hasidic Jewish Clockwork Orange Ski Mask, but I did. Then I gave it to Jon Glaser because I can’t imagine who it belongs to more than Jon.





Knitting In The Czech Republic


I love knitting when I travel. I love buying yarns in different countries and cities and knitting up small items, like hats and fingerless gloves on my trips. I feel like you can put the energy of the place where you are knitting into each item. Here I am knitting at the Czech Ossuary. It’s a church that is decorated with the bones of up to 70,000 people who died in the great plague. Creepy and cool and awesome.


I did a little knitting in Prague Castle.


Then hit the local Kavarna for some beer and more knitting.